March Matchness: One Goal. No Brackets. Everybody Wins.

In honor of graduating 35 years ago, we hope to raise a $350,000 gift from our class through a special matching funds campaign.  AHD’s “Class of 84 Committee” pledges to match every gift from our classmates up to $175,000, essentially doubling all donations.

Here are video greetings from your classmates who discuss how and why they’re involved with Andean Health. Yes, everyone looks different than they did in 1984, but it’s polite not to mention that too loudly.

Donate Here

Donate Here

If you’re considering donating, please do before July 1 to have your donation matched. And if you already have, thank you so much.

And if you’re curious to learn more about getting involved with Andean Health or visiting our hospitals in Ecuador, reach out to Laura Dries, AHD’s COO:, (619) 788-6833. She can discuss opportunities and connect you with other classmates who have made the trip. Like us, you’ll find it truly rewarding.

AHD’s Class of 84 Committee:  John Burchett, Rachel (Allen) English, Al Harding, Laurie (Giunti) McKeon, Paul O’Hop, Chris Portman, Mary (Schmid) Runger, Maureen Hesburgh Ryan, Jenny Grantham Stein, Mike Stephan, Donna (Ruiz) Urbain, and Tim Willis


Long Road from Quito

A book about Andean Health & Development and the inspiring journey of Dr. David Gaus will be on bookshelves on March 30. Long Road from Quito is written by Tony Hiss. Hiss is the author of 13 books and was a staff writer at the New Yorker for 30 years. Since then, he has been a visiting scholar at New York University.

A book signing by David Gaus will take place at Hammes Bookstore on the University of Notre Dame’s campus on June 1 at 11:30am.

Purchase Long Road from Quito

“If you are lucky, a few times in life you will come across a person who is able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. It is even rarer still to find in such a leader a genuine sense of humility and a depth of soul that radiates joy and laughter. I know you will enjoy and be inspired by this story of a modern-day man who is as holy as he is innovative, who is as determined as he is fun, and who is both visionary and focused on the set of eyes before him at any given moment.”

—Lou Nanni, from the Foreword

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