The Andean Health Cycling Team’s 2020 Ride

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Dr. Mike Heisler (Founder and Captain of the AHCT) is “riding Everest” right now!
You can follow Mike’s progress by clicking here!

Friday, September 25

Team Brewcyclists

Mike Flores: Brewcyclist solo ride through bucolic LaPorte County, Indiana. 25 flat miles. No beers.

Team Cannonball

Jim Conway and Kathy Trace, Madison, WI: “Well, we made it! I just completed my last ride for the week – 23.5 windy miles, for a total of 200 miles for the week. Kathy had to deal with some of that pesky ‘real world’ stuff the last few days, but nonetheless completed 150 miles this week for a grand total of (drumroll please) 350 miles for TEAM CANNONBALL!!!! While our original plan to ride NM was cancelled, I looked it up and it’s 344 miles across the state – so hence, we (virtually) made it!!! Take THAT COVID-19.”

Teams Kalamari & Harding

101 miles for Phil Kalamaros and 34 miles for Mike Blum

Thursday, September 24

Teams Slainte and Soirse

Barbara Boylan and Tara Kenney, Boston, MA, 25 miles combined

Team Runger

Jeff Phillips: many miles over the week!
Tuesday, 21.77
Wednesday, 20.76
Thursday, 25.72
Friday, 19.97

Team Condor

Anne Dixon (left) is a bilingual nurse who volunteered at AHD in Ecuador and provided invaluable assistance in making Hesburgh Hospital operational in 2014.

Lauren Zimmerman, Portland, OR (better air quality indoors unfortunately)

Equipo de ciclismo de Pedro

Brian and Caitlin (Urbain) Powers, Chicago, IL, 10 miles combined

Team Cannonball

Jim Conway, Madison, WI.  Solo today – and obstacles galore. The pressures of the working world prevents a coordinated Team Cannonball ride today.  Any then they close the Cannonball Path?  Egad! But fear not.  I figured out a workaround to finish 22.5 miles. 

Team Ryan

1st Pic: Grace, Maureen and Dennis Ryan along the downtown Chicago lakefront
2nd: Zoe and Danny from the Northside of Chicago
The great thing about virtual bike rides is that kids can imagine themselves virtually anywhere.  
3rd: Genevieve imagined herself at the Hospital named in honor of her great grand-uncle.
4th: Danny imagined himself riding all the way down to Mitad del Mundo
5th: And young Magnolia, with the boundless energy of a toddler, thought Machu Picchu might make for a nice place to visit…
6th: Finally, we have the entire Team Ryan shot from back when we could all get together in WI without a mandatory 14-day quarantine when we returned to IL.

Team Kalamari

Jay Latham rode from Niles to Notre Dame and back, making it his longest ride ever!: 27 miles

Accompanied by Jeff Martin, 27 miles, and Phil Kalamaros, 71 miles.

“We had a quick chat with Father Ted’s ghost and he told us to put our masks on and say hi to everyone. Knute Rockne’s ghost gave props to Heisler for the Everest ride and passed good wishes on to his love child son, Cutler.”

Team Extra DrY
Greg, Cecilia, Tim from Team Extra DrY, combined 115 miles AND 1,100 calories Port Washington to Oostburg, WI

Team Kalamari
Rudy Sanchez, a windy 30 miles, Schertz, TX

Team Brownie

Nick and Laura Brown, 20.4 miles combined, Belgium, WI; Peter Brown and Maria Leonhauser, 29 miles combined, Ann Arbor, MI

Team Kalamari

Kevin Killilea, 20 miles, Kansas

Team Cheddar Chispas

Marty Moe, 12 miles on Badger State Trail outside of Verona, WI

Wednesday, September 23

Team Extra DrY

Cecilia Devine, 20 miles, and Greg Payleitner, 30 miles, Ozaukee Co., WI

Team Tortuga — South

Anne Dubois & Mark Betourne, 62 combined miles, Palm Coast, FL

Team Kalamari

Casey Tubman (along with his son), Corso Buenos Aires, Italy, 42 miles combined

Equipo de ciclismo de Pedro y Team Kalamari

Peter Urbain (34 miles) and Phil Kalamaros (102 miles), Benton Harbor, MI

Team Condor

Liz Rose, 10 miles with her triathlon training group, the East Nashville Tri Club

Team Condor

Ron Spitznagel, 30 miles, Gainesville, FL

Team Cannonball

Kathy Trace and Jim Conway, 60 miles combined, wearing the IRELAND shirt in honor of Sam Bennett, winner of the Green Jersey at the Tour de France this past weekend – and first Irish winner at the TdF in >30 years.

Lost Slough Wine Riders

Conor Roemer, 21.4 miles, Orinda, CA

Lost Slough Wine Riders

Mike Roemer, 20.15 miles, Lafayette, CA “around another block.”

Team Kalamari

John Proos (34 miles) with Phil, Benton Harbor, MI

Team Look Ma No Hands

Jim Dunn, 41.4 miles and a cold one afterward at Panga Bar, Delafield, WI

Team Smokin Hots

Jane is injured (dog plowed her over), but she was able to ride 12 miles. Woodbury, MN

Team Kalamari

Rudy Sanchez, a windy 30 miles, Schertz, TX

Team Kalamari

Kevin Killilea and 30 riders in the Coach’s/Good Time Gang group ride, 690 miles combined, Kansas

Team Brownie

Maria Leonhauser and Peter Brown, 23.94 miles combined, Ann Arbor, MI. And Laura and Nick Brown, 6 miles combined (I got a flat so unfortunately we had to go for beers instead.)

Team Nussdorfer

Mike Nussdorfer, 26 Miles, 2,970′ Elevation, Hope Valley, CA

Other Riders on Wednesday Not Pictured
– Chris Door, 24 miles, Benton Harbor, MI
– Tim Devine cycling his age to Grafton, WI: 21 miles

Tuesday, September 22

Team Kalamari

Rudy Sanchez, 20 miles before the rain, Schertz, TX

Team Runger

John Runger, 31 miles, Chicago

Team Cheddar Chispas

Lori and Katiuska Peppard, 30 miles combined, Madison

Equipo de ciclismo de Pedro

Peter Urbain, 20 miles, South Haven, MI

Team Extra DrY

Cecilia Devine, 20.25 miles, and Greg Payleitner, 26 miles, Ozaukee Co., WI

Team Extra DrY

Tim Devine, 34.5 miles Interurban/Oak Leaf Trails, Milwaukee, WI

Team Kalamari

Kevin Killilea and his group in Kansas. 27 riders at 14 miles each = 378 miles combined.

Team Kalamari

Phil Kalamaros (105 miles) and Chris Door (55 miles), Steelhead Triathlon Route, Michigan

Team Cannonball

Kathy Trace and Jim Conway, 310 miles combined in total so far, Madison, WI

Team Brownie

Maria Leonhauser & Peter Brown, 30.48 miles combined, Ann Arbor, MI, and Laura & Nick Brown, 21.5 miles combined

Other Riders on Tuesday
– Jim Mahoney, 30 miles , Brookfield-Pewaukee, WI (Team Coast2Coast)
– Peter Urbain, 13 miles, South Haven, MI (Equipo de ciclismo de Pedro)
– Mike Roemer, 20.10 miles, Orinda, CA “around the block.” (Lost Slough Wine Riders) 

Monday, September 21

Team Smokin’ Hots

120 miles combined, Wauwatosa, WI

Team Kalamari

Jason Latham, 9.57 miles, Benton Harbor, MI

Equipo de ciclismo de Pedro

Peter Urbain, 28 miles, South Haven, MI

Team Acker

Alicia, Jared, and Zachary Acker (6 months–our youngest team member), Janesville, WI

Mike Nussdorfer’s Team

Mike Nussdorfer, 29.39 miles, Lake Tahoe

Team Kalamari

Phil Kalamaros, 101 miles, Van Buren State Park to end of Kalhaven in Kalamazoo, MI, and back

Team Dunn, Look Ma No Hands

Jim Dunn, Pewaukee Lake, Lake Country Trail, “had one in honor of the Brewcyclists”

Team Condor

Elizabeth Rose, 50 miles, Nashville

Team Kalamari

3 Feet Group Ride organized by Kevin Killilea. Kevin will pledge a dollar for each mile cycled in the group! 294 miles, Kansas

Team Tortuga (South)

Due to high winds and very high tides, Team Tortuga South is taking a different approach to their rides.

Team Runger

Jeff Phillips, 21.77 miles, Brooklyn, NY

Team Cannonball

Kathy Trace and Jim Conway, Madison, WI

Team Brownie

Pete Brown & Maria Leonhauser, 30.4 miles combined, Ann Arbor, MI and Nick and Laura Brown, 20.4 miles combined, Ozaukee Interurban Trail, Belgium, WI

Other Riders on Monday
Cecilia Devine and  Greg Payleitner 114 miles, combined, Southeast Wisconsin (Team Extra DrY)


Sunday, September 20

Team Privateers

Doon Wintz and his son, Dillon, Morris County, NJ, 92 miles combined

Team Runger

Team Extra DrY

Cecilia Devine and Greg Payleitner, 116 miles combined, Madison, WI

Team Slainte

Kevin Cloetingh, Joe Berry, and Jack Grassey, 92.1 miles combined, Washington, D.C.
Nick Lund and Matthew Phillips, 47 miles combined, Chicago and Cincinnati

Team DT & JJ

Judy Jesiolowski and Dave Thompson, 52 miles combined, Seattle

Team Brewcyclists
208 miles combined, and 4 craft brewery pubs in southwest Michigan and northwest Indiana (“Harbor Country”)

Team Kalamari

Rudy Sanchez, 47.1 miles, Schertz, TX

Team Look Ma No Hands

Jim Dunn, Lake Country Trail, Delafield, WI, 24.7 miles

Equipo de ciclismo de Pedro

Peter Urbain, 15 miles, South Haven, MI

Team Kalamari

Chris Door, 68 miles, and Phil Kalamaros, 106 miles, St. Joseph, MI

Team Brownie

Pete Brown and Maria Leonhauser, 14.2 miles combined, Ann Arbor, MI

Team Cheddar Chispas

Jakob Moe, Capital City Trail and around Lake Monona, 17.52 miles, Madison, WI

Team Kalamari

Jason Latham, 15.5 miles, Millburg

 Team Brownie

Laura and Nick Brown, 20.64 miles combined, Lake Church, WI

John Rudolf (aka JR) accompanying the Rungers on their Chicago ride

Other Riders on Sunday

– Dave Stein, Madison, 44 miles (Team Coast2Coast)
– Dave Cutler and Rob Short, Seattle,  70 miles combined (Team Trolley Folly)
– Alessandro Perucchetti, Casey Tubman, and Luigi La Morgia, Lago Varese, Italy, 46.5 mi combined (Team Kalamari) 
– Marty and Eli Moe, 15 miles, Military Ridge Trail, Verona, WI (Team Cheddar Chispas)
– John and Mary Runger, 29 miles combined, Morton Arboretum (Team Runger)
– Team Smokin’ Hots, 112 miles, Wauwatosa, WI

Saturday, September 19

Team Kalamari

John Proos, 26 miles

Equipo de ciclismo de Pedro

Peter Urbain, 25.5 miles, with a stop for apple picking, South Haven, MI

Team Look Ma No Hands

Jim Dunn, Delafield, WI, Lake Nagawicka, 32.5 miles

Sioux Falls Bicycle Company Fundraiser

Team Cheddar Chispas

Moe Family, Badger State Trail, Verona, WI, 112 miles combined

Peppard Family, 221 miles across Madison’s sites: Lake Wingra, Arboretum, Lake Monona and the Capitol

Team Kalamari

Phil Kalamaros (126 miles), Robert Kemper (77 miles), and Mike Blum (100 miles) in St. Joseph, MI

Mike Nussdorfer’s Team

Mike Nussdorfer, Clear Creek Tahoe, 19.99 miles, 2,074′ of elevation

Team Kalamari

Kevin Killilea, Kansas, 30.07 miles

Team Kalamari

Chris Door (53 miles) and Phil Kalamaros (126 miles!) in St. Joseph, MI

Team Brownie

Pete Brown & Maria Leonhauser, Ann Arbor, 12.2 miles combined

Team Kalamari

Casey Tubman (and son, Cole) in Milan, Italy, 44 miles combined

Team Kalamari

Rudy Sanchez, Schertz, TX, 38.9 miles

Team Ryan

Maureen Searles, ND ’14, in Chicago, IL (with Arthur)

Team Kalamari

Rob Tubman, Virginia, 56 miles, 2,052′

Team Kalamari

Luigi La Morgia, Varese, Italy, 75.43 km

Team Brownie

Laura & Nick Brown, Harrington State Park, Lake Church, WI, 21.82 miles combined

Other Riders on Saturday
– John and Mary Runger, Chicago (Team Runger)
– Cecilia Devine and Greg Payleitner, 95 miles, Madison, WI (Team Extra DrY)

Earlier in August

As fundraiser for Andean Health in August, Dr. Keith Poulsen rode around Lake Michigan, starting in Manitowoc, going up and down Door County, then around the northern half of of the lake to Ludington. 660 miles in 10 days!

Looking for Mike Heisler’s Everest Ride? Visit this website:

Accept the 2020 AHCT challenge – an experience unlike any previous year or ride!

— Convenient – no flights, long car rides or lodging needed
— Local fun – you choose the route with friends and families riding together in your community
— Competitive or relaxing riding – you choose the pace

Ride any time between September 19 and September 26
You choose the date and the route: any distance, any elevation gain. The point is to have some fun!

Here’s how it will work:
— Ride solo or with a team.
Register here. You can still get a jersey past the Aug. 1 deadline. You just won’t have it in time for the ride.
— Teams commit to fundraise for or donate to help meet the 2020 AHCT goal of $400,000. We will add team name or individual name to the bike ride donate page to make it easy for people to donate to your campaign.
— Check this webpage to see rides completed and funds raised.

Special signing bonus!
All riders registered can receive the magnificent 2020 AHCT custom jersey.

Submit your mileage, elevation gained and pics with you and your peeps in the magnificent, custom jerseys. We’ll post all to the AHCT website.

Virtual Celebration
On October 2 at 4pm Central / 5pm Eastern, all riders will be invited to meet via Zoom to reminisce, brag, cajole, harass.

2020 Fundraising Goal
$400,000 – help us raise these funds supporting the AHD hospitals and medical education in Ecuador. Help us reach the summit!

Fundraising Tools:
— Personalize this email template to ask friends and family to support your campaign.
Download the 2020-21 AHCT Fundraising Brochure here.
— Invite others to ride by sharing the Virtual Bike Ride flyer.

Checks may be sent to: Andean Health & Development, 1100 Delaplaine Ct., Madison, WI 53715.


Register for the 2020 Virtual Ride


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Teams & Individuals Signed Up 
(Hover over the stamp to see the team members.)

Team Acker
– Alicia Acker (AHD Devt. Assistant)
– Jared Acker

Team Allen
Wauwatosa, Minneapolis, Dallas
– Rachel English (Adv. Board Member)
– Amy Wenzler
– Blair Allen (AHCT Veteran)
– Charlene Lyon
– Greg Allen (AHCT Veteran)
– Jane Allen (AHCT Veteran)
– Jim Wenzler
– Joy Tapper
– Lori Dallman
– Michael Allen (AHCT Veteran)
– Daniel O’Callaghan
– Patrick English (AHCT Veteran)
– Philip Dallman
– Robert Lyon
– Roseann Gumina (AHCT Veteran)
– Dave Yenerich

Team Brewcyclists
Long Beach, IN
– Michael Flores (Adv. Board Member)
– Greg Meyer
– Mike Noland
– Thomas Brown
– Mark Greifenkamp

Team Brownie
Cedar Grove, Ann Arbor
– Laura Brown (U.S. Director)
– Nick Brown
– Peter Brown
– Maria Leonhauser

Team Cannonball
– James Conway (Adv. Board Member)
– Kathy Trace

Team Celervaccas
– Keith Poulsen

Team Cheddar Chispas
Madison, New Jersey
– Katiuska Peppard (AHCT Veteran)
– Andrew Peppard
– Cathy Silver
– Daniel Peppard
– German Rodas
– Jim Silver
– Judy Peppard
– Lori Peppard
– Terry Peppard (AHCT Veteran)
– Marty Moe
– Eli Moe
– Jakob Moe
– Bridget Sperry
– Anita Sperry
– Chris Sperry

Team Coast2Coast
Seattle, Madison, Miami
– Dave Stein (AHCT Veteran)
– Hahns Burg
– Jim Mahoney
– Jenny Stein (Adv. Board Member)
– Kate Stein
– Mario Ariza
– Gerardo Caballero

Team Condor
Jacksonville, Gainesville, Nashville, Denver
– Anne Dixon
– John Dixon
– Liz Rose
– Ronald Spitznagle
– Lauren Zimmerman

Team DT & JJ
– David Thompson (AHCT Veteran)
– Judy Jesiolowski (AHCT Veteran)

Team Dunn – Look Ma No Hands
– Jim Dunn (Adv. Board Member)

Equipo de Ciclismo de Pedro
– Peter Urbain (Adv. Board Member)
– Kevin Urbain
– Donna Urbain
– Brian Powers
– Caitlin Powers

Team Extra Dry
Southeastern WI
– Tim Devine
– Ann Devine
– Cecilia Devine
– Gregory Payleitner

Team Harding
Michigan City
– Al Harding (Adv. Board Member)
– Eleanor Harding
– Mary Harding
– Mike Blum (AHCT Veteran)

Team Kalamari
Italy, MI, TX, Canada, KS, OH, IN
– Phil Kalamaros (AHCT Veteran)
– Alessandro Perucchetti
– Ben Gesch
– Casey Tubman
– Chris Ball
– Gordon Greenland
– Jason Latham
– John Proos
– Kevin Killilea
– Luigi LaMorgia
– Robert Tubman
– Rudy Sanchez
– Chris Door
– Jeff Martin

Lost Slough Wild Wine Riders
– Michael Roemer (AHCT Veteran)
– Julie McCormack
– Erin Roemer
– Conor Roemer

Team PALoton
– Kathleen Kennedy
– Donna Worth
– Marty Whalen
– Patrick Kennedy
– Steve Worth

Team Patitos
– Allison Steiner

Team Privateers
– Brian Ulicny
– Andrew O’Donnell
– Doon Wintz
– Dillon Wintz

Team Rehoboth
John Burchett (Adv. Board Chair)
– David Jolliffe
– Manuel Jolliffe Mahoney
– Mark Polsten
– Michael Carney 

Team Runger
Chicago, Brooklyn, Tampa
– Mary Runger (Adv. Board Member)
– Ed Bulleit
– Jeff Phillips
– John Runger (AHCT Veteran)

Team Ryan
West Bend
– Maureen Ryan (Adv. Board Member)
– Dennis Ryan
– Zoe Ryan
– Grace Ryan
– Genevieve Ryan – age 6
– Danny Ryan – age 3
– Maggie Ryan – age 2
– McKeon Boys (AHCT Veterans)
Maureen Searles

Team Slainte
Nantucket Isl.
– Tara Kenney (Adv. Board Member)
– Gary Grassey
– Jack Grassey
– Joe Berry
– Kevin Cloetingh
– Nicholas Lund
– Matthew Phillips
– Jack Connolly

Team Soirse
– Barb Boylan

Team Stephan
Fort Lauderdale
– Mike Stephan (Adv. Board Member)

Team Tortuga
Platteville, Palm Coast
– Michael Heisler (AHCT Captain)
– Anne Dubois (AHCT Veteran)
– Mark Betourne (AHCT Veteran)

Team Trolley Folly
Seattle, Aspen
– David Cutler (AHCT Captain)
– Rob Short (AHCT Veteran)
– Tom Rolfs (AHCT Veteran)

Other Individual Riders
South Bend, Michigan, Lake Tahoe, Cape Cod, Milwaukee, Quito
– Juan Esteban Baus (Adv. Board Member)
– Matt Edmonds
– Michael Nussdorfer
– Patrick White
– Peter Gottsacker (Adv. Board Member)
– David Gaus (AHD Founder)


Contact with questions.








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