🚴🚴🚴 2022 Bike Ride Updates 🚴🚴🚴


Oct 24: Team Brewcyclists Satellite Ride

Team Brewcyclists had spectacular weather for our AHCT Satellite ride through the backroads of SW Michigan.  30 miles.  30 beers.  5 very sore butts.





























Oct 24: Team Slainte Satellite Ride

Tara Kenney with ND pal, Nancy Kelly.













Oct. 22: Team T Town Brandywiners Satellite Ride

Members of the team T town Brandywiners finally were able to ride.  They road 50 plus miles in rural Tuscaloosa county.  The day was perfect and they had a great time.



















Oct. 10: Jack with Team Slainte’s Satellite Rides

Jack rode 50 miles on the south Jersey shore (Avalon NJ) with his former Alumni Hall roommate, Kevin Cloetingh. He then did another 50 miles through Brooklyn and Manhattan on NYC “citi bikes” with his buddies from high school (Pat
Hayes, pictured in both photos).














Oct. 10: Kevin with Team Kalamari’s Satellite Rides

Kevin completed a total of FIVE rides and 100 miles!!



















Oct. 9: Cheddar Chispas satellite ride in Washington D.C.

The Cheddar Chispas team “Le Tour de DC” visited the best-known sights in Washington D.C. while on their ride.













Oct. 8: Natchez Riders’ pictures























Oct 8: Natchez Riders are off to the airport after 3 or 7 days of riding



Oct. 8: Look Ma No Hands! Satellite Team, Part 3

Look Ma No Hands and sister, Mary Garcia-Velez, and family and friends! Another 20 minutes for a total of 70 miles the past few days!





















Oct. 8: Satellite Riders unite with the team

“11 Smiles an Hour” met up with the Natchez Team



Oct. 7: Crossing the Tennessee River

Day 6 for 7-Day Riders and Day 2 for 3-Day Riders





















Oct. 6: Jim “Look Ma No Hands!” Dunn’s Satellite Ride, Part Two

All fired up from my St Charles Men’s Group discussion on the gospel of John. I was hoping for a miracle on the trail as I attempted my jump!

It was a miracle!!! I survived!!!

LOOK Ma No Hands! In a time out with Safety Director, Phil Kalamaros in the vicinity of Lake Nagawicka or offshoot.


Oct. 6: Team Rapida Runger’s Satellite Ride


Oct. 6: Day 5 for 7-Day Riders and Day 1 for 3-Day Riders

The gang is all here!


Oct. 4: Day 3 of the Natchez Trace Riders


Oct. 4: Jim “Look Ma No Hands!” Dunn’s Satellite Ride

Day 1 16.3mi, Day 2 20.5mi
On the Lake Country Trail from Hartland to Oconomowoc, WI

Squirrel !!! I almost ran over a black squirrel and thought of our fearless Safety Director Phil Kalamaros! I steadied my flying Trek Missile as “Look Ma No Hands! “ had to find the handle bars and averted a multi bike pile up on the trail! Happy Trails Andean riders!!   Jim “Look Ma No Hands! “ Dunn


Oct. 3: Day 2 of the Natchez Trace riders

Sunken Trace to Ridgeland – 63 MILES, ELEVATION GAIN +2360 ft

Mark and Anne (King & Queen of Pain) arrived yesterday finally after Ian delayed their flights out of Florida. They are on their bikes and rocking. Today we lose cell service as we enter French Camp, MS. Everyone is having a blast.








Oct. 3: Team Kalamari’s Kevin Killilea completes two rides

Kevin rode two days over the weekend and covered 46.55 miles. More rides to come for Team Kalamari!


















Oct. 3:

JR hard at it in his quarters  in Vicksburg, Mississippi!
The Trace is beautiful. Smooth rollers all day with basically no traffic. Heading out for 65 miles today. Mark and Anne join us this afternoon!


Oct. 2: Team Kalamari Virtual Ride
Casey Tubman and his son, Cole rode for team Kalamari on Sunday. Casey is on the rowing/crew team at the University of Michigan and came home where the bikes were in Benton Harbor, MI. They each rode only 16 miles and  it was at least a sunny day!
Oct. 1:  The 7-Day riders made it to Natchez, MS














Team Trolley Folly and Team Tortuga road tripping to Natchez Trace


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