Laura Brown is Chief Operating Officer at Andean Health & Development, a Madison-based healthcare NGO in Ecuador that has created a sustainable healthcare and training model for rural Latin America.

Laura became interested in international development while at Boston University (BA, Economics) while researching “maquiladoras” (foreign-owned factories in Mexico’s border towns) and their controversial place in cross-border relations and economics. This interest propelled her to pursue a Master’s in Latin American Studies at San Diego State University (SDSU) and a career in international development. Laura also holds her MBA from SDSU and a certificate in nonprofit management from Harvard University. She has studied and worked in Madrid, Spain and San Jose, Costa Rica where she picked up their people’s language and passion.

Currently serving as the organization’s COO in the United States, Laura has been at Andean Health & Development since 2009.


Spring 2023 News

How can a hospital – with all its complex patient care flows, inventories, purchasing, billing, and production monitoring – do it all in an effective, meaningful way, while making sure every dollar is spent wisely? This is a challenge faced by virtually all hospitals.

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