Laurie McKeon is a business owner and was recently the Head of School at St. Peter’s School in Mansfield, Ohio. Previous to that position, she was the Director of Strategic Initiatives at St. Joseph Catholic Academy in Kenosha, WI. She has been involved in the non-profit sector for over 25 years, primarily at the board level. She has served in leadership roles in several organizations including Community Foundations, educational institutions, social services agencies and many others. She is well versed in fundraising, strategic planning, board governance and non-profit best practices. She consults with non-profit organizations, particularly Catholic schools and educational start-ups.

A 1984 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Laurie also graduated cum laude from the Notre Dame Law School, and earned a Masters of Non-Profit Administration from the Mendoza Graduate Business School at Notre Dame. She was awarded both the David J. LaBarre Community Service Award by her MNA peers for integrity and service, as well as The Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh Founder’s Award for leadership and scholarship within the MNA program.

Laurie lives in Mansfield, OH, with her husband Dave. They have six adult children: Annie, Chris, Jack, Nate, Peter, and Posey.


Spring News 2024

55-year-old Marta has chronic kidney disease related to diabetes and hypertension. She has received hemodialysis a few times a week for the past year but missed a week of dialysis. Short of breath, she went to one of Ecuador’s public health centers outside of the small, coastal town of Quevedo.

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