Mayra Mendoza Dillon is a family medicine physician in San Diego, CA. Born to immigrants of rural Michoachan, Mexico, Dr. Mayra M. Dillon was the first of her family to attend college. Mayra chose the University of Notre Dame, where she studied pre-med and Anthropology. During the summer of 2001, after her junior year, she participated in the CSC International Summer Service Learning Program and was assigned to Pedro Vicente Maldonado, Ecuador, with Andean Health and Development. This experience confirmed her desire to pursue a career in medicine and introduced her to her future husband, Ben Dillon, the other ND student assigned to this project.

Mayra attended medical school at the University of Illinois-Chicago and completed residency training in Family Medicine at Scripps Mercy Chula Vista in San Diego, California. Since finishing residency in 2011, Mayra has provided full spectrum Family Medicine care for a federally qualified community health center, San Ysidro Health, where she serves predominantly immigrant and first generation Latinx families in a marginalized border community south of central San Diego.

Mayra has three school age children, Abraham, Lucia, and Nicolas, and in her free time enjoys being outdoors, running, hiking, and spending time with her family.


Spring News 2024

55-year-old Marta has chronic kidney disease related to diabetes and hypertension. She has received hemodialysis a few times a week for the past year but missed a week of dialysis. Short of breath, she went to one of Ecuador’s public health centers outside of the small, coastal town of Quevedo.

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