An enormous thank you to our long-term supporters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the birthplace of Andean Health and Development.


AHD’s Wish List During the Pandemic

$15,000 staffs the triage tents for the rest of 2020

$7,500 provides all the oxygen needs for COVID-19 patients at Hospital PVM for a year

$2,000 purchases 1,000 mask boxes

$400 funds 100 glove boxes

$250 buys 50 gown boxes

$100 provides one oxygen tank for a COVID-19 patient on ventilation


Spring 2023 News

How can a hospital – with all its complex patient care flows, inventories, purchasing, billing, and production monitoring – do it all in an effective, meaningful way, while making sure every dollar is spent wisely? This is a challenge faced by virtually all hospitals.

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